The Humble Hemeroholic

As an admitted “hemeroholic”, I welcome you to enjoy conversations reminiscent of fireside chats from some of the people that have inspired me in my daylily journey.

I believe that the more you know, the more you’ll grow. As always, choose to be humble and always kind!

Your host will be me, Rhonda Veroeven, president and newsletter editor of the Wisconsin Daylily Society, and Co-Chair for the 2019 American Daylily Society’s National Convention in Madison, Wisconsin.

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  • Karol Emmerich, Springwood Daylilies March 25, 2020
    In this episode, I had the great privilege to sit down with Karol Emmerich from Springwood Gardens in Jordan, MN. This award-winning hybridizer has not only been awarded the coveted Stout Silver Medal but has also earned the very high honor of the Bertrand Farr Silver Medal for all of her incredible accomplishments in hybridizing. […]
  • Mike Grossmann August 13, 2019
    Mike Grossmann from Northern Lights Daylilies. Mike’s program is much different than his wife, Kathleen’s program. He has been hybridizing a long time, and has quite a few amazing introductions out. He is exceptionally picky in how he determines the cultivars that will be introduced. Something that I think is essential to a strong hybridizing […]
  • Kathleen Nordstrom June 13, 2019
    I sat down with Kathleen Nordstrom from Northern Lights Daylilies in West Concord, MN. Kathleen has always been a fan of flowers, and by chance ended up loving daylilies. She is relatively new to hybridizing daylilies, but her introductions are spectacular. Kathleen is a quality human and is absolutely perfect for this podcast. I hope […]
  • Will Marchant May 20, 2019
    I sat down with Will Marchant of Druid City Daylilies in Douglasville, GA. Will and I both share two of the same passions-education, and daylilies. He is a principal that gives 100% to his children, he is hilariously funny in person, and his daylilies are pretty phenomenal. I have had several encounters with this witty […]
  • Bob Faulkner Natural Selection Daylilies May 12, 2019
    I was able to spend some time with Bob Faulkner of Natural Selection Daylilies from Dayton, OH while attending the Region 2 Winter Meeting. I didn’t ask him many specific questions, but rather just let our conversation go where it needed to go. Bob shared his passion for daylilies, his beliefs in how to present […]
  • Mike Holmes and Larry Grace April 21, 2019
    I was honored to talk with Mike Holmes of Riverbend Daylilies in Ohio, and Larry Grace of Graceland Gardens in Alabama. Both of these gentlemen are happy to share their love of daylilies, but their programs are difficult to see as neither of them travel very often. During our chat, they shared how they became […]
  • Mandy McMahon Silver Creek Daylilies April 14, 2019
    I sat down with Mandy McMahon, an incredible hybridizer from Michigan. Mandy is as humble as they come During our chat, she shared how family is always first, her love of feminine daylilies, why it is important to evolve, and even a bit about her roles in her region. This episode continues to focus on […]
  • Doris Stonska American Daylily Society Long-time member April 8, 2019
    I sat down with a long-time member of the American Daylily Society, Doris Stonska. Doris has led a peripatetic life, but always found KY to be home. She shared her travels, some historical perspectives, and how she became so involved with daylilies. This episode focuses on people and the beautiful friendships that form because of […]
  • Jacob Braun, American Daylily Society Webmaster March 30, 2019
    I sat down with American Daylily Society’s Webmaster, Jacob Braun.  Jacob is extremely knowledgeable and incredibly service driven. He volunteers and gives more to the society than many! As a self-admitted technophile, I knew I had much to learn! Sit back and enjoy this conversation that I was fortunate to have with a man that […]
  • Elizabeth Trotter, American Daylily Society Registrar March 23, 2019
    I was able to enjoy bending the ear of the American Daylily Society’s Registrar, Elizabeth Trotter. Elizabeth has always been kind to me and is a very private person. When she agreed to sit down with me, I was honored. This was very much out of her comfort zone, and I am so incredibly happy […]