The Fifty-Year Affair

Experience the story of legacy, love and the daylily in spoken word.  Learn about the American Daylily Society from a historical as host, and past society president Nikki Schmith reads from the book, "Daylilies - A Fifty-Year Affair" by Frances Gatlin, which can be purchased on Amazon.


Fun and light episodes tackling micro-topics in the daylily world. If you've ever followed the blog A Girl and Her Garden by Nikki Schmith, you know that Nikki's take on gardening and daylilies is fun and exciting. Follow her as she brings her blogging into a podcast.

The Humble Hemeroholic

A playful interview-style show, hosted by Rhonda Veroeven. Listen in as Rhonda visits with daylily enthusiasts and learns about how each of them became hooked on daylilies (Hemerocallis).

This website and series of podcasts are produced independently by members of the American Daylily Society. Our purpose is to share our love and excitement for daylilies and to encourage people to grow and enjoy daylilies. For more information, please visit the Daylily Society website: